mommy, i'm cold

limited production


made by order, if not linked to existing item in Etsy store


for all inquiries, please write to:

ask [at]

“mommy, I’m cold” is a result of a long tradition that started out as making things for family members. And than, we realized it was time to start warming up, with things knitted with love, all those who need it. Knitting is for us art and a way of expressing thoughts, feelings, ideas… Creating something that is useful, but also somewhat personal. Personal – in a way of expressing not only our own personality, but finding and expressing the personalities of those who wear “mommy, i’m cold” items. The creative and executing team is consisted of THE mom, two daughters and t the dad (with his selfless support, exceptional untangling thread skills, and especially for “staying-out” of the knitting part).


materials: wool


production: hand knitted

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