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about: “o’King” is a set of hair accessories and brooches inspired by Luciano Berio’s piece dedicated to Martin Luther King, civil right leader who was assassinated shortly before the piece was composed. First version of this piece was for voice, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, completed in 1968, the time Berio was teaching at Julliard School in New York. The second version of the piece is for eight amplified voices and orchestra, and was later incorporated as second movement in Berio’s piece Sinfonia.

This extremely affective work brings out mysterious and sorrowful glimmering of sound that resonates from the voice that almost blends in texture with the instruments by first intoning first vowels, and then the consonants which make up Martin Luther King’s name. And than, only in the final bars bringing them together, where in addition even instrumentalists sing, to give his name in full.

The set was made and worn for performance of this piece, in Brussels in 2012.


materials: feathers, tulle, felt, different kind of ribbons and strings, cotton, silver pins.


production: handmade, crochet

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