Spirit Warrior

limited production


made by order, if not linked to existing item


for all inquiries, please write to: ask [at] daisyeeks.com

inspiration: The biggest strongest ally one can find is the strength one carries within. In search for our inner spirit we turn to different elements. To help us feel, sense, see, touch… to help us fly, ground us, free us to move, to open, to develop... From these thoughts started the idea for the “Spirit Warrior”. Finding the strength within, with the little help: feathers – to help us fly and reach heights. Clay and wood to ground us and return us to nature. Glass-beads-sparkles… to make us not forget the universe, the pixie star dust, magic and limitless possibilities…



pieces in collection:

  • “the spirit” – headdress, the inner strength, the within…
  • “eve” – the lady within, gentle, soft, attending…
  • “the courage cloak” – for whenever you need that extra strength to fly for your dream
  • “star sickle” – stardust collector, the moon boomerang weapon to help you get your pixidust
  • “air claw” -that airy extension of your firm reach
  • “little spirits”
  • “air flare”


materials: feathers, clay, felt, wood, cotton, glass beads, cotton, lace, satin, silk


production: handmade

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