daisyeek's story

Here at “daisyeek’s” we like to think we strive to express and materialize feelings, sounds, imagination, dreamland, pixie dust... experiencing all the senses, and with all the senses, through individual perception of tasting the color, feeling the smell, seeing the sound...


We also like to think that we can be just the perfect amount of help for you to express exactly who you are, how you feel and how you want to be seen. And like that become your favorite “life spice”.


Supporting our handmade accessories (and shoes and clothing) by giving them supporting role in your story, you inspire us to always go further.


So… go ahead… pick a collection, and just stroll down one of the alleys of “daisyeek’s” world. Take your time. Be picky. Be choosy. And make us happy and honoured to be part of your magical journey, by wearing “daisyeek’s” around your neck, arm(s), hand(s),finger(s), foo(ee)t, toe(s)… or really any way or place that feels good for you.

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